Friday Book Review–Song of my Heart by Kim Vogel Sawyer

Kim Vogel Sawyer is one of my favorite authors. You can always count on her for a great gentle romantic story and real-to-life characters. This book is all that and more! Besides the charming heroine and steadfast hero, we also have many other quirky characters including twin sisters and their scoundrel brother.

Sadie Wagner follows her cousin to Goldtree, Kansas for a job opportunity to help out her family after her stepdad is injured. Thad McKane accepts the job of sheriff in Goldtree to earn money to go to school to become a minister in hopes of overcoming the stigma of his drunken father.

Sadie and Thad are attracted to each other, although there is someone else interested in the pretty Sadie romantically. Plus another man who threatens Sadie with losing her job and income to send back home if she won’t go along with his illegal activities. What will happen to her family if she doesn’t acquiesce to his dealings? What will happen to Sadie if she does go along?

As with all Kim’s romances, Song of my Heart does have a happy ending, but there are times when you wonder how she will get her characters there! A very enjoyable read I highly recommend!

This book was sent by the author and publisher, but the thoughts are all my own.

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