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9780800726768Welcome to Ann H. Gabhart, a fellow KY writer and friend. I have posted about several of her books over the years and am very happy to showcase her newest venture–small town mystery in Murder at the Courthouse. Plus a guestblog about her writing.

Hunting “The End” by Ann H. Gabhart

One must be drenched in words, literally soaked in them, to have the right ones form themselves into the proper pattern at the right moment. ~Hart Crane

Once more I am searching for the end of a story. Once more it seems to be hiding from me behind a crazy mixture of words that don’t seem to be paving the pathway I need to glide on toward “the end.” A few years ago I wrote about searching for the end in a blog post.

It’s been a hard work week with too many other things I have to do getting in the way of my five pages a day quota to make sure I meet my deadline. I’ve been writing and maybe almost getting my pages, but I sometimes wonder if I’ll be cutting most of those words in the final draft. But I tell myself to just get the words out there where I can cut them or improve them.

 That’s one of the good things about keeping a writing journal. You can see you’ve been in the same place before and that it wasn’t fatal. You can remember that the story got written. That book even got published.

In my writing life, I’ve searched for those elusive two word many times. Now I’m searching for “the end” once more. This time to my third Hidden Springs mystery. I’m anxious to be at the end and hoping once I find those elusive two words, the story will be the one I hoped to write when I first typed “Chapter 1.”

I have typed those first words “Chapter 1” and found those last words “the end” for each of my twenty-nine published books. Many beginnings. Many story endings. Many different kinds of stories. I’ve written historical romances, young people books, family stories that mix history and romance and Shaker stories. For more about those books, you can go to my website,

 Murder at the Courthouse is my first venture into the cozy mystery world although I have threaded mystery elements into some of my other stories including my recent Shaker book, The Innocent. I had a good time with this first Hidden Springs mystery and enjoyed creating the fictional small town based on my own hometown of Lawrenceburg. But I am relieved to report that, as far as I know, no one was ever murdered on the courthouse steps.

And now you have a chance to win a copy of Murder at the Courthouse or your choice of my other titles. Just leave a comment. Any comment will do, but for fun, since each of my Hidden Springs mysteries will feature a cat, you can tell us if you’ve ever owned or been owned by a cat. The deadline for entries will be November 26, 2015 at midnight EST. If you win and live across the ocean, the prize will be in e-book form. If you win and live in the USA or Canada, the prize will be a paper copy.

Back Cover Copy for Murder at the Courthouse

After a few years as a police officer in Chicago, Michael Keane has no trouble relaxing into the far less stressful job of deputy sheriff in his small hometown. After all, nothing ever happens in Hidden Springs, Kentucky. Nothing, that is, until a dead body is discovered on the courthouse steps. Everyone in town is a little uneasy. Still, no one is terribly worried—after all the man was a stranger—until one of their own is murdered right on Main Street.

As Michael works to solve the case it seems that every nosy resident in town has a theory. When the sheriff insists Michael check out one of these harebrained theories, his surprising discovery sends him on a bewildering search for a mysterious killer that has him questioning everything he has ever believed about life in Hidden Springs.

Bringing with her a knack for creating settings you want to visit and an uncanny ability to bring characters to life, A. H. Gabhart pens a whodunit that will keep readers guessing.

171-EditAnn H. Gabhart has over twenty-five novels to her credit, including The Outsider, Angel Sister, Small Town Girl, and her new release, Murder at the Courthouse. Ann lives in Kentucky where she enjoys walking with her dog on her farm, connecting with readers, and spinning story webs.



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25 Responses to Friday Friends–Ann H. Gabhart Giveaway &Guestblog

  1. I love your books and can’t wait to read “Murder at the Courthouse.” Don’t put me in the drawing because I already have a copy. Best wishes for success.

    • Shelia, if you want to throw your name in the hat, you don’t have to pick this book should you win. You could choose one of my other books. Plus, I’m always telling readers like you that you could always win my book and have a nice gift for a reading friend. :) Thanks for dropping by to read the post.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It must be so rewarding to see a book come together and end to your liking. Been a reader all of my life but have very few of your books. Need to correct that this winter.

    • It is rewarding to have a book come together, but sometimes it’s difficult to make the journey from beginning to end. And then come the editing. Thanks so much for stopping by to read my post, Anonymous. We’d love to put your name in the drawing so that maybe you could correct that not having many of my books. Rose just needs some contact info. You can write it out like this. annhgabhart(at)yahoo(dot)com. If you don’t want to put your address here, send it to my e-mail and I’ll forward it to Rose if you are the lucky winner.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Guess I don’t know how this works.

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Sheila Stovall. Anonymous, please leave us a contact email or something to contact you so you can have a chance to win one of Ann’s books.

  5. angela says:

    enter me in the giveaway.

  6. I am dying to read this book. Would love to win it. And yes, my husband and I once had a Siamese named Tiger and she absolutely ruled the roost!!

    • Fun, Marihelen. I’d love for you to read my book too, so good luck in the drawing. A Siamese named Tiger sounds like she could rule the roost. I always think of the two Siamese singing that song on Lady and the Tramp. “We are Siamese, if you please.”

  7. Connie Lee says:

    I enjoyed reading “Murder at the Courthouse” very much. Since this is the only book I have read of Ann’s, I can’t wait to read some others, like the historical romances. Over the years I have owned several cats. I live out in the country, so a lot of times stray cats will want to come visit and sometimes stay. Right now I are out of cats, but we do have a yellow lab which we enjoy.

    • HI, Connie. So glad you enjoyed my mystery and I do hope you’ll give some of my other books. I don’t have any cats now either. I’m a dog person, so don’t think my lab would like a cat. I think labs are the best dogs.

  8. Ola Norman says:

    I’m owned by two cats. They keep me hopping.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I can’t wait to read Murder at the courthouse.

  10. Donna B says:

    I have not actually had a cat of my own. I live with my elderly mom and she had my niece’s cat who thought she ruled. She passed away a couple of years ago but she was over 20 years old. I would love to win this book!

  11. I love Ann’s stories and enjoyed learning more about her writing process!

    texaggs2000 at gmail dot com

  12. Kathy Anderson says:

    I love reading cozy mysteries. I will have to read your book since your excerpt is so interesting. I owned a cat named Sweety. My children named her. I am not a cat person but I tolerated her and vice versa.
    Thank you for offering your book as a giveaway.

    • Hope if you get a chance to read my book, you’ll enjoy the story, Kathy. I like cats, but I have to admit I’m a dog person. Haven’t had a cat for many years, but I enjoy my daughter’s cat. He’s friendly. My sisters have cats but they merely endure my attempts at being friendly.

      • Kathy Anderson says:

        I’m a dog person. Always have been. So many happy memories. My present dog has been with me for 8 years. She is a rescue dog. She was so filthy. Her white patches were black. She has a heart on her forehead. We visit the homebound together. Everyone loves to see her.

        • How great that you take your sweet rescued dog out to visit the homebound, Kathy. I think more nursing homes and such should have resident dogs and cats. Sounds like your dog has a big heart inside as well as on her forehead.

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