Guest Blog: How Workaholism led to Angie Breidenbach’s new book, A Healing Heart

I am so happy to have Angie Breidenbach stop by for a visit again, this time to tell us about her new book A Healing Heart. And Angie is offering an e-book when they come available to one person who leaves a comment by next Saturday. She will email it to you ASAP. Now, let’s hear from Angie.

Are you a workaholic? I am. I started to wonder about women like me. How do we change? How do we figure out the path God intends versus the path we think we are supposed to walk? I get asked often how much of myself is in my characters. Well, in this case, she has one of my strongest traits. She’s a different person with different talents, but the strength she has is misused. And that’s something we all can slip into—misusing our gifts and talents. I realized other people must deal with the same issue of workaholism and the best way to share the struggle might just be through fiction.

Have you heard or said yourself, “I could write a book about that experience!” You knew it had an appeal for the drama/plot twists/and maybe someone could relate. Or maybe it was fascinating and complicated like the movie Frequency or Sixth Sense. Maybe, just maybe, you should write that experience into a fictional character and reach other people who want a solution to the same dilemma.

I took it one step further. I went public with the real story of the topics in A Healing Heart. Now I speak on workaholism and several other issues women face. Do you need a speaker for your special event or conference? I’d be honored to be that speaker. Contact me at:

I encourage you to share your story to uplift and help others too. After all, it’s possible the challenges you face, like me, are your ministry.

About the book: Widowed workaholic mother of three, Mara Keegan, has decided on the perfect gift for her daughter’s graduation—a photo memory quilt recounting the family’s loves and losses. But when a heart attack stops her in her tracks, Mara’s perfect gift hangs by a thread. Little does she know, this quilt—and the memories it bolsters—are the key to her rehabilitation. So as graduation day approaches, Mara struggles with past choices and burgeoning feelings for Joel Ryan, the one man who tried to destroy her business. Can Mara balance past memories with her new attraction? How will the pieces of the quilt fit together? Can Mara mend her faith, trust, and love in time?

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About Angela: Angela Breidenbach’s family tradition is giving unique quilts of memorable moments spanning birth to graduation to their graduating seniors. Mrs. Montana International 2009, an inspirational speaker and author, Angela is also a weight loss/fitness and life coach in Missoula, Montana.


More Praise for A heart-warming and romantic story of new beginnings and hope through the fog. A story of real life filled with true emotion and characters you can’t help but love. –NY Times bestselling author, Tosca Lee, Tosca’s latest book: Iscariot

A Healing Heart is an emotional story of learning to let go of the past and embracing the future. Angie Breidenbach deftly creates lifelike teenagers, a frazzled mother, and a caring hero you will love. This charming book tugs at your heart and encourages you to reevaluate what’s important in your life.” –Vickie McDonough, author of 25 books and novellas, including End of the Trail

“Restoration and hope drive this emotionally charged novel by Angela Breidenbach. Mara Keegan’s healing journey will keep you turning the pages as she uncovers promises of a life she never thought she would have again. Family dynamics, made richer through the process of gathering photos for a memory quilt, come full circle as Mara learns to let go, let God, and let love into her heart; a truly healed heart.” –Lindi Peterson, award-winning author of Her Best Catch and Summer’s Song.

“Breidenbach’s latest novel, A Healing Heart, paints a knee-bending word picture of our Healer God. Whether the physical, spiritual, or emotional heart, the Big Guy can handle it. Laden with conflict, sweet romance, and humorous contradictions, the story propels the reader forward while giving her pause to wonder . . . ‘What places in my heart need healing? What wounds will I allow God to stitch?’ A Healing Heart sports an endearing and motley cast of characters, and the frigid Montana landscape contrasts nicely with the hero’s warm, sigh-worthy persona. It’s a unique and touching addition to the Quilts of Love series.”
–April W. Gardner, librarian and award-winning author

Angie hopes you will stop by for a chat at these sites:
Come visit me:
A Healing Heart, Abingdon Press, April 2013

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6 Responses to Guest Blog: How Workaholism led to Angie Breidenbach’s new book, A Healing Heart

  1. Thank you for hosting me :)

  2. Jackie says:

    Hi Angela, it’s so nice to meet you on Rose’s blog.

    I’ll look for A Healing Heart to add to my To Be Read stack. It sounds great.

  3. Thank you so mich, Jackie! You lifted my heart today :) delighted to meet you too!

  4. G’day Angie! *waves madly* Hi Rose, nice to meet you. :)

    I can’t wait to read “A Healing Heart”. I love a great story with practical lessons to be learnt, especially when they are woven through an entertaining story.

    All the best as you write for His glory,


  5. Waving back at you, Lucy!! I’m thrilled you want to read it :)

  6. karenk says:

    thanks for the chance to read this inspirational story.

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

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