Hannah Conway Writes A Realistic view of a Military Marriage

The Wounded Warrior's WifeThe Wounded Warrior’s Wife is one of my fave books I have read this year, and I totally identified with the story as the author, Hannah Conway, was also a warrior’s wife, and so writes very realistically about a serviceman and his family and the trials they go through while defending our country. It brought back many memories of my marriage to my Air Force husband during another time when our country was at war overseas. When you marry someone in the service, your life is not your own, but God is still in control, and that is something Whitleigh and Collier Cromwell have to learn to trust in. We are all wounded in some ways, and God is the only One who can bring healing and wholeness if we ask Him and trust Him.
Whitleigh had to move to a state far away from her family and go to college while her husband was serving overseas. She also had to deal with his personality changes from being in a combat zone, and a pregnancy with him thousands of miles away. But, I think all readers will be pulling for this couple to make it past all the stuff the world throws at them, as long as they put God first, and love Him and each other with all their hearts.

Up in SmokeHannah Conway has also written a prequel to this book Wedding a Warrior which is free on kindle, so if you haven’t read it yet, I suggest you order it and learn more about Whit and Collier. Both of these books are published by Olivia Kimbrell Press.

And I just heard today that she has a new book to be released soon and here is the cover! I wonder what it is about!

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  1. Ann Ellison says:

    Loved The Wounded Warrior’s Wife too. Sure looking forward to her new one.

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