Hope you will welcome a new Cyber friend…Maria T. Henriksen

Maria T. Henriksen is not published yet, but I hope she will be soon! Please join me in meeting her below! I already found out we have a lot in common even though we don’t read or write the same kind of books!

Hi, I’m Maria T. Henriksen, a person of many passions. When I’m not working as a substitute teacher or hanging out with loved ones, chances are I am running, reading or writing.

I embarked on writing the great American novel about 10 years ago resulting in the birth of my very first novel called Not Again. My debut novel is Part 1 of the Not Again series. After finishing my rough draft, I put it on the proverbial shelf and dusted it off a couple years ago. I absolutely loved the writing process, including the revisions.

Not Again is a young adult Christian Romance about a young teenage girl’s spiritual journey. The main character, Christina De Rosa, experiences a traumatic event. Her story is both devastating and inspirational.

Not Again is hybrid with a twist in the sense that it is written with a literary flair. It’s not squeaky clean like most Christian novels, but rather more realistic with mature themes gearing towards older teens. I hope you’ll love reading it as much as I loved writing it!

Here’s my book description/blub:

Christina De Rosa holds a potentially deadly secret that threatens to get out. As an innocent young teenager, Christina survives a terrifying sexual assault that destroys her self-worth and trust.

In her daily struggle, Christina searches for ways to keep her torment at bay, so she can function as a “normal” teenager. Meanwhile, Christina’s spiritual journey leads her down a path causing conflict within, as she’s riddled with guilt and shame.

A chance encounter with her longtime, hot crush, Avery Evans, sparks a fire in Christina that she can’t extinguish. As the sweet, loving, knight in shining armor he readily portrays, Avery offers the safety and security that Christina craves.

In her quest for internal peace, Christina must make a decision. Will she give her heart, body and soul to the super popular, Avery Evans?

Will Christina’s nightmares become all-consuming or will her discoveries lead her to a renewed way of life?

Find out if true love triumphs in this edgy, faith-based young adult page-tuner, set in the 1980s.

*Not Again is NOT your typical Christian coming of age story. Fierce faith doesn’t come without a fight. Prepare for heartache, traumatic events, real romance, and actual scripture in these pages.


During my revisions, I discovered meditation and decided to make it a part of my life. In fact, I found the relaxation technique be so beneficial that I wanted to share my love for it to others by offering a free meditation download that I created. Simply subscribe to my blog/newsletter and as a thank you for subscribing, you will receive an 8 minute meditation audio guiding you every step of the way to release your stress. Here’s the link to my website to get started: www.mariathenriksen.com

Even after my novel was written I couldn’t sleep one night realizing that I couldn’t use 80s music for my book trailer due to copyrights. Out of nowhere, a song popped in my head. I headed downstairs at five o’clock in the morning to record the song in my head because I couldn’t shake it. It was totally God inspired as I didn’t think I had a musical muscle in my body.

In my author Facebook page, you will find the audio in black that says Drum roll please… in the caption & “I ♥ You” when you click on it. I co-wrote this song with the talented young singer. My musical debut is called “You’re the One I love”. Click on the link below to listen. Enjoy!


Not only is my author Facebook page uplifting and faith oriented, but my other social media posts are as well. I created a Facebook group called Maria’s Muses: Inspirational, Christian and Close-to-the-Heart Readers. It’s my way of giving back.

Our moto for Maria’s Muses… is Mind, Body & Spirit.

Join us if you are open to share your heart, delve into topics that are near and dear to your heart like sexual assault, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome Disorder (PTSD) and autism…

We also have designated themed days such as Author Takeover Tuesday and Funny Friday as well as the word of the day, scripture and so much more! I encourage you to check out Maria’s Muses…


For more inspirational posts, join me on Instagram and Twitter.



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