“Icing” by Debra Sue Brice–A review of a delicious book!

IcingI loved “Icing” as I love reading new books and reading new-to-me Christian authors. Debra Sue Brice and I connected on Twitter by each of us sharing one of our own books with the other. A cyber-friendship made in heaven!

“Icing” is pure fiction, but includes many of Debra’s interests–such as baking and hockey– in a story that seems so real you will feel like you are going on the adventures with the characters. Denie who owns her own bakery, has a sister and two other best friends whom she loves to attend hockey games with, especially the Cleveland Monsters.

Whenever they go, Denie always wears the jersey of #29 because she has a crush on him. One night after a game, one of the other guys from the team asks the four girls to share their bowling lane with him and his friends. Imagine Denie’s surprise when #29 (Tom Billingsly) shows up as part of the group.

After being rejected by the last guy she dated, Denie is in that “Never”land where she doesn’t want to date again, but Tom soon changes her opinion on that with his sweetness and caring. They have many ups and downs with a long distance relationship, but since this is a romance, you should know it has a happy ending, although it does touch on purity in dating, and other serious, relevant topics.

Denie is very creative with her cupcake names and recipes, and Debra Sue Brice is very creative, too–giving the book’s title a double meaning–icing on the cupcakes and “Icing” on the ice at the hockey rink.

I would recommend this book to anyone from high school age to grandmas like me! I learned things about running a business as well as baking, and how to solve all kinds of problems with creativity and love. Hope you will try it by ordering it on Kindle on Amazon!

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