Interview and book giveaway with Cecelia Dowdy

Happy Monday morning, everyone! I am so happy to have my former critique partner, Cecelia Dowdy, join us for an interview this morning. In fact, I helped critique these two books she is now bringing out as e-books, so I can assure you that you will enjoy them. And Cecilia has also offered to send a paperback copy of Milk Money to one person drawn from all those who leave a comment and their email info so she can contact you for your mailing info. We will give a week for all the entries to come in, so this giveaway closes next Sunday night with a winner posted on Monday morning.

Welcome, Cecelia! Tell us about your favorite book as a child and your favorite book as an adult. Can you see a connection between those books?

Actually, I’ve never had a favorite book as a child or as an adult. I have favorite genres and authors, but, not just one book. As a child, I was a big fan of the Nancy Drew mystery stories. I also loved reading The Boxcar Children series as well as classics like Heidi and The Secret Garden. I also was a huge fan of Laura Ingalls Wilder books. I read the entire Little House series at least a few times! As an adult, I’ve loved reading a lot of romance and women’s fiction and I also read some suspense. If the story hooks me, then I’ll read it, no matter what genre it is. I have noticed that I’m not a huge fan of fantasy and sci-fi. Occasionally, I’ll read that type of story, but, not very often.

Cecelia, we are so much alike in our reading preferences both now and as children. What is your favorite Scripture? Do you also have a favorite Scripture that encourages you in your writing?
Favorite Scripture:
John 3:16: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

I don’t have a favorite scripture to encourage me in my writing. However, I find myself thinking about the Bible in general when I write. I think about how the Apostle Paul started the early Christian church. I think about the healings done in the name of Jesus in the New Testament. When I think of these things, for some reason, I feel encouraged in my writing, if that makes any sense. I guess I feel this way because those instances mentioned above remind me of the fact that the power of our Lord is truly awesome and amazing. Just remembering that helps me to get through my scene/book/writing.

If you could go to any place in the world to research/write a book, what setting would you choose?
I would definitely choose a tropical place. Which one? Not sure. I’ve traveled around the world (I used to work for a travel agency and was able to get free airline tickets and reduced/free hotel rooms). When I used to travel, I became acquainted with places that I’d never been. I found that I loved hot tropical places with nice beaches, beautiful clear blue water, water so clear that you can see the fish swimming around you! :-)

Another way we are so alike! I often wonder if I would write if I had to do it the old-fashioned way without computers and spell-checks and email. Is there anything about technology that you don’t like? Or anything about it that you feel enhances your writing?
Technology enhances my writing very much!! I can’t imagine writing a book in long-hand! I can type quickly, therefore, allowing me to write quickly, and I can then edit what I’ve written. Plus, I can change the story as needed. It’s not as easy to do all of that when you’re forced to re-write/re-type every page that needs to be changed.

I’ve even met people, non-writers, who are under the impression that I write a book in long-hand and then type it up on my computer! No, I’m not kidding. Some say they don’t type fast enough and would have to write a book in long hand if they were a writer. I tell them they’d learn to type pretty quickly if they were writing a book for publication.

The only downfall to technology is, I’d think that writers may be lest apt to meet, face-to-face, as regularly as they did before the computer age? Now, everybody talks through email, chatting, social media, etc. I’m wondering if critique and writers group meetings are more or less prominent than before the days of the internet? It’d be interesting to research that statistic.

If I had to write the old-fashioned way, I’d do it. If computers and the internet were never invented, then, I’m sure I’d be writing everyday in long hand, before typing up the pages on a typewriter! When I first started writing, I didn’t own a computer (this was about 18 years ago). I started writing in longhand after work – I’d go to the library to do this. Then go into work extremely early the following morning to type. Needless to say, I didn’t do this for very long. I purchased a used computer so that I could type up my stories instead of writing them longhand.

What advice would you give to a beginning writer that you wish someone had given you?
Join a professional writers group as soon as you decide you want to be traditionally published! Also, find a good critique group or hire a good editor before submitting your work to publishers. It took me a few years before I stumbled onto a critique group and another several years before I sought out freelance editorial services on my own.

Do you want to add anything about your book such as how to order it?
I’d like to talk a little bit about the settings in both of my e-books. One is set on a dairy farm. I’m not really sure why I chose that setting. I’ve had readers to tell me that reading my writing makes them hungry, so, it’s possible that I chose the dairy farm because it’s food related. I just thought it’d be cool to have a story set on a small family dairy farm. I am acquainted with some people in my hometown who used to run their own dairy farm and they were extremely helpful with the research that I did for this novel.

My other e-book is partially set on a cruise ship. I used to travel a lot since I worked for a travel agency. I’ve gone on several cruises and loved all of them! The food is fantastic, plus they have awesome activities and socializing, plus, you get to stop at all those neat tropical places! Since I’ve enjoyed cruising so much, it just seemed natural to use that setting for my novel!

So, here are the descriptions for both of my e-books:

Milk Money is a heartwarming Christian romance that is set on a dairy farm. Here is the purchase link:

When you access this link, you can read a sample of the story on Amazon.

Here’s a summary the story:
Running a dairy farm is a big job, but doing it alone is almost impossible.

When her dad dies, Emily must work hard to save the family farm, but she manages. Until the day the CPA pulls in her drive and announces he’s there to do an audit on the place.

Franklin Reese is appalled at the lack of interest the Cooper women have in the financial end of their livelihood, but he dives in, determined to help them learn. The further he looks into Mr. Cooper’s dealings, however, the more uncomfortable he becomes.

Can he uncover the truth of the situation and still earn the love of the amazing Emily Cooper? Will Franklin’s addiction to alcohol keep them apart, even after the farm is taken care of? Only God can heal hurting hearts and repair broken lives. Will these two let Him in?

My second e-book is entitled First Mates. First Mates is sweet Christian romance that is partially set on a cruise ship. Here is the purchase link:

When you access this link, you can read a sample of the story on Amazon.

Here’s a summary of the story:
A cruise around the Caribbean offered just what Rainy Jackson needed to get over her faithless ex-fiancé–sun, swimming and solitude. As the heat sank into her bones, she began to feel interest in the world again…and in handsome fellow passenger Winston Michaels.

Winston had also hoped for time alone to reflect. But finding a friend in faith in the lovely Rainy Jackson helped him to deal with his twin sister’s death without relying on unhealthy means such as alcohol to deaden the pain. And Winston’s outlook brightened further when dates back home in Miami brought him and Rainy even closer. Would Rainy be the one to share Winston’s life voyage?

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  1. Sandy says:

    I look forward to reading your book. I wish you and Rose the best in your writing endeavors.
    Sandra Avery

  2. Janet says:

    Hi Cecelia! I really enjoyed the interview! The books sound really good! Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. Awesome Post and Giveaway!! Would love to add to my self…

  4. Ochanya says:

    Wow… this is great. Thanks Cecelia for inviting me.

  5. Looks Great! I live on a farm to, and milk a lot of goats. :)
    Thanks for the chance to win a copy!
    God Bless!

  6. Thank you for the invitation, Cecelia!

  7. Marji Laine says:

    Excellent interview! Hoping Milk Money proves incredibly profitable!

    Marji Laine

  8. Great interview! Any new releases on the horizon, Cecelia?

  9. Thanks so much to everyone for entering the giveaway! Victoria, I’m still working hard to garner another book contract! Hopefully, I’ll be able to snag one soon! Thanks for asking!
    ~Cecelia Dowdy~

  10. karenk says:

    a great posting…thanks for the chance to read this beautiful story

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  11. Would love to win a copy of your book .Thanks !

  12. Ngozi Enwere-Maduka says:

    Great interview! Simple, honest and clear answers! I enjoyed it! looking forward to winning and reading your book! Wish you the best! God bless!!!

  13. Ngozi says:

    Great interview! Simple, honest, clear, answers! I enjoyed it! Looking forward to winning and reading your book! Wish you the best! God bless!!!

  14. I’d love to read your book.

  15. Thanks for inviting me Cecelia. I’d love to read your books.

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