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JingleBelle_mjpgI’ve always loved to write, and from an early age, began to produce little bits of poetry, short stories and songs. Writing a novel was always a dream…one of those “kinda-sorta” goals folks keep in the backs of their minds and don’t say much about, because the truth is, they don’t really believe it’ll ever happen.

For me, it did – thank God! Granted, it happened later than it does for a lot writers (I was 49 when my first book released). I had four children, and kind of laid my writing dreams aside while they were small. I worked as a staff writer for a daily newspaper, and wrote articles for a regional magazine…but writing the stories that were floating around in my head had to wait until the time was right. 

I’ve enjoyed delving into the world of fiction writing. I’ve laughed and cried, lost sleep and slept through a few things…but overall, I’ve enjoyed every step of the journey.
One of the most fun-to-write of the books I’ve authored since 2006 is the one releasing Dec. 1. The heroine of JINGLE BELLE is a much-lauded jingle writer for an Oklahoma-based marketing and advertising firm. Belle Knowles is assigned a client who is opening an upscale Italian restaurant in a mid-sized town, right smack in the middle of the Christmas holidays. Nick Santini and his brother Alex need to snag the attention of busy holiday shoppers, draw them off the streets, out of the shops, and into Santini’s Italiano. Belle must come up with a catchy jingle…one guaranteed to stick in the minds of holiday shoppers and make them want to experience a bit of Tuscany in the middle of their Christmas season.

My publisher’s first reaction, when I presented the synopsis for this novel, was, “Well, you know we’ve got to come up with a jingle, right?”

I did know that. And, I have to say it…producing jingle lyrics for JINGLE BELLE turned the writing of this book into a memorable experience. It was an exciting challenge, and gave me an opportunity to stretch my writing muscles a bit and do something a little different from the norm.

I wound up writing a jingle that was supposed to be of less quality than Belle’s norm, and one meant to represent the kind of talent that made her a star in the industry. And it was so…much…fun!

I’m really pleased with the end product of JINGLE BELLE. It’s part of Pelican Book Group’s new Pure Amore imprint—a line of sweet romances that promote purity before marriage. I’m excited about the opportunity to help encourage this kind of thinking in young men and women. Not “safe sex”—which is what most of them are taught instead of “NO sex” before marriage. Much of today’s youth has never been introduced to the concept of saving their virginity for their future wife or husband. The idea is totally alien to them. Inundated by television, big screen movies, and steadily declining sexual morals in society, they have never been taught about the precious gift they hold within their bodies. A gift that can only be given once in a lifetime.

The gift of an undefiled, sexually pure body.

What a joy to go into a marriage knowing your new wife or husband has saved that part of themselves solely for you. Is it easy to do? No. And that makes the gift even more precious. Our young people need to be reassured that, while there will be temptations and moments of weakness, keeping themselves pure and undefiled in body can be done…and it’s so worth the effort!

These books can and will be enjoyed by adults of all ages, but are completely appropriate for teenagers as well. It is my prayer that, somewhere within the pages of the Pure Amore books, many young women (and young men!) find the desire and determination to keep themselves pure until they’ve said, “I do.”

Here’s a blurb from JINGLE BELLE:

Jingle Belle Knowles is excited about the opportunity to write a Christmas jingle for a new restaurant in Pohono, Oklahoma—until she meets the company’s cocky PR man. Despite an immediate personality clash with much-too-handsome Italian Nick Santini, Belle finds herself irresistibly and unacceptably drawn to her insufferable client.
Nick isn’t pleased about working with the dangerously lovely jingle writer. But with a grand opening date just two weeks before Christmas, he and his brother need something to draw shoppers off the streets and into their Tuscan-themed restaurant. Given Belle’s sterling reputation, Nick makes up his mind to grit his teeth and get through the project.
They’re both adults. They’re both Christians. They’re both determined to make the project a success. But when a passionate, self-assured, hard-headed Italian butts heads with a stubborn, auburn-haired, confident Irish spit-fire…the results could make for a highly chaotic Christmas season.

Pure Amore books are available exclusively through the Pure Amore Book Club.

Delia LathamBio: DELIA LATHAM is a born-and-bred California gal, raised in a place called Weedpatch and currently living in the lovely mountain town of Tehachapi with her husband, Johnny. She enjoys multiple roles as Christian wife, mother, grandmother, sister and friend, but especially loves being a princess daughter to the King of Kings. She has a “thing” for Dr. Pepper, and loves to hear from her readers. Contact her through her website or send an e-mail to delia@delialatham.net. Find her also at the following online locations:

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  1. Thanks for stopping by, Delia, This sounds like another wonderful Christmas read!

  2. Delia Latham says:

    Thank YOU, Rose, for hosting me! I think readers will enjoy JINGLE BELLE…I certainly enjoyed writing it. :)

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