Kentucky Christian Writers Conference, part 1

The 21st annual Kentucky Christian Writers Conference, started by Kate Thomas, was held at the Grace Heartland Church in Elizabethtown, KY, June 22-24, 2017. Super worship led by Lydia Walker, stellar teaching by many (more on that later), and wonderful fellowship was had by all!

I traveled there with Kristy Horine who also picked up Brandilyn Collins on our way. Here’s a picture of us “Three Amigos.” After supper with some other conferees, we headed to the church to meet and greet! I enjoyed seeing many familiar faces as well as meeting some new friends. Brandilyn and I met back in 2002 at the first ACRW conference in Kansas City, MO. Kristy and I knew each other from the Licking River Writers Conference group in Cynthiana, KY for about ten years.

Then after a night’s sleep in our hotel, we arrived back at the church at nine on Friday morning for worship and our first Keynote by Twila Belk who can talk much faster than I can! We all loved her, and here is a photo of her with Diana Derringer and myself and Kristy. Twila had much wisdom to share with us each time she spoke, and received a standing ovation after her last talk.

My first class on Friday was a refresher course by Brandilyn on the 4 D’s of Story Structure which can be found in her new improved version of Getting into Character and also parts of it can be found on her blog She no longer posts on this blog, but it still contains over six years worth of lessons and the story of her bout with lyme disease. Lots of interesting stuff, and I plan to go back and re-read it now that I told you all about it!

Like a good TV show, this article with more on The Kentucky Christian Writers Conference  will be continued next Friday, so please come back. And if you’d like any of my photos, you are welcome to grab them from here or on my Pinterest page under Rose Allen (my maiden name) under KY CWC 2017


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  1. I always enjoy meeting old friends and meeting new ones at KCWC. Happy writing, Rose!

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