MaryAnn Diorio and her New Book!

POEMS FOR WEE ONES by Mary Ann Diorio

Thank you so much, Rose, for inviting me to your blog once again. I always enjoy being with you and your wonderful readers.

You asked about my newest release, a children’s picture book titled POEMS FOR WEE ONES. This book started a long time ago, when my children were preschoolers. They are now in their forties, so this book has been almost 40 years in the making. Now that’s a long time!

When my daughters were “wee ones,” we had a bedtime ritual of making up silly stories and poems. We would laugh and laugh as the stories and poems got sillier and sillier—and bedtime got later and later.

I remember one night, in particular, when my physician husband had to work late at the hospital. He got home around 10pm, and my children and I were still laughing and making up silly poems. It was a school night, and we were having so much fun that the time had gotten away from us.

Over the years, I discovered that I loved to write children’s poetry and wrote many poems. Those poems were the seeds that eventually sprouted into POEMS FOR WEE ONES.

My talented illustrator, Valeria Wicker, has captured the emotional essence of my poetry. Valeria and I have collaborated on three books together: Candle Love, Do Angels Ride Ponies? and now POEMS FOR WEE ONES. We really click artistically and have become great friends in the process of working together. If you are looking for an outstanding illustrator, I encourage you to consider Valeria. You can view her work and reach her at

To this day, my children and I still sometimes communicate via poetry in our emails. We have great fun and still laugh and laugh and laugh!

New Release!
A delightful gift for that special child in your life!


POEMS FOR WEE ONES will delight the young child in your life with its lilting verses and its charming illustrations. Studies have shown that reading poetry to children contributes to their healthful emotional development.

According to Scholastic Parents Magazine, “nursery rhymes, songs, and poetry are key parts of preschool reading. Listening to, and repeating, poetry is a wonderful way for children to learn phonemic awareness.” *

POEMS FOR WEE ONES will stimulate your child’s mind, bless your child’s soul and warm your child’s heart all at the same time. Makes a great gift for Christmas, birthdays, new baby, christening, and other special occasions. Be sure to recommend this book to your church’s children’s ministry and church nursery, your child’s preschool, your pediatrician’s office, or any other place where children’s books are read and enjoyed.
Thank you!


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  1. Dear Rose,

    Thank you so much for featuring me on your blog today. I am most grateful. I welcome questions from your readers.

    Many Blessings,


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