New book out by Darlene Franklin–Her Rocky Mountain Highness

Darlene Franklin and a couple others have written stories based on some of John Denver’s songs. Many of you will remember John Denver and his song “Rocky Mountain High.” Her book is called Her Rocky Mountain Highness, and you can order it on

Here’s a blurb about the book:

Krystal Black had helped foreign dignitaries before but never was tempted to join their ranks.

Prince Johann “John” van Koppelberg came to the Colorado Rockies expecting a vacation. He hadn’t planned to fall in love with his tourism director.

But like John Denver, the prince found a home and fell in love. Now if only he could get Krystal and his parents to agree.

Sounds like a fun, romantic read, so hope you will check it and her other books out on amazon and at where you can read her blog, some devotionals, and more about her books. Happy reading, and humming along!

Take Me Home: Three Romantic Novellas based on John Denver Songs, available for order on Amazon kindle.


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