A Book review of A Silken Thread by Kim Vogel Sawyer

Kudos to Kim Vogel Sawyer for tackling such a hard topic as racism in this book set in 1895–thirty years after the end of the Civil War and over 150 years in our country’s past. Yet, still racial strife occurs in the United States as well as all over the world. As the song asks, “When will we ever learn?”

Ms. Sawyer’s thoughtful story uses the site of the Atlanta Cotton Exposition to portray the people who interact with several families–The Tates and the Sharps , both from poor families whose sons have grown up as best friends. And also the wealthy Rochester family who runs a steam-powered engine empire on exhibit at the fair, and whose son wants to woo the beautiful Laurel Millard who has grown up in a larger family whose father has now passed away.

Most of the brothers and sisters decide the  youngest sister, Miss Millard should agree to take care of their mother since they all have their own families to see to. But, she and several other young people apply for and attain jobs at the Exposition, shaking up the social structure and opening up their opportunities.

I enjoyed this book, despite its more serious nature, plus I knew I could trust this author of over thirty books i have read and enjoyed to do thorough and honest historical research and handle this topic fairly. I hope you will read this book for yourself to learn about an interesting part of our country’s history, and to help you and others grow in fairness and love with people of all color and race.

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Announcing the winner of our Christmas Drawing for The Smoky Mountain Christmas book!

We have a winner!! Carole Price, so if anyone of you know Carole, please tell her to contact one of us 4 authors so we won’t have to draw again. He hope everyone enjoys this story as well as the other prizes several of you already won!
Thank you to everyone who stopped by our Summer Christmas blog tour and hung out with us during the warm summer months. We hope our Christmas stories cooled off your summer a little bit. :)
As promised, we awarded winners from the individual blog posts, but now it’s time for the GRAND PRIZE!
….drumroll please….
Congratulations! You have won everything you see pictured with this post. Here’s the complete list of prizes:

Christmas at Bald Head Island by Rose Allen McCauley (print or e-book)
No-Bake Christmas Crumble Recipe (made by Grace in Christmas Grace)
Dolls & Diamonds by Jeanie Smith Cash (print or e-book)
Hummingbird Kisses by Delia Dawson Latham (print or e-book)
Do You See What I See? Notebook & Pen
Sea glass bracelet from the Lost Gypsy Wagon Jewelry & Clay Shop by Maureen Corell (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1601354493492249/)
Teal earrings from the Lost Gypsy Wagon Jewelry & Clay Shop by Maureen Corell
Dangle fob or keychain inspired by Smoky Mountain Christmas
Heart of Christmas CD (Smoky Mountain Hand-crafted Instruments)
Christmas Angel by Tiffany Amber Stockton (print or e-book)
Patterns and Progress by Tiffany Amber Stockton (print or e-book)
Stealing Hearts by Tiffany Amber Stockton (print or e-book)
Comment on this post or contact one of us authors privately to provide us with your mailing address, so we can send out your prizes. Where you have a choice of print or e-book, please specify which you would prefer. And your mailing or kindle address please.
Thank you again to everyone who came along the tour with us, and to all of our readers for your continued support. you can see other posts about this from Delia Latham and Tiff Stockton at their sites or posts!

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Great writing News from me!

I received great news from the KY Book Fair yesterday that I am one of the authors chosen to participate in this fall’s book fair at the Alltech Arena at the Kentucky Horse Park on Saturday, November 16, 2019. Can you tell I am excited!?!

The Book Fair is held from 9 AM to 4 PM so I hope you will put it on your calendar which I  already did. There is always something for everyone–from children to adults, and fiction to non-fiction. You can meet authors and illustrators and have them sign your books!

There will be literally hundreds of new books for sale. My new book that came out this year is the Erie Canal Brides. I’ll add the blurb here in case you missed it earlier:Introducing The Erie Canal Brides Collection, set along the famous Erie Canal of New York and Ohio, once deemed as “important as the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution in aiding the prosperity of mankind.”

These seven novellas celebrate the Erie Canal from its inception to its building and transportation. The historical collection offers a wide range of stories of courage, challenge, fortitude, and romance along this famous waterway.

Be sure to check back, and I will update as soon as I hear about other authors and books that will be featured.

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New book out by Betty Thomason Owens

Another super strong heroine by Betty Thomason Owens!

In the late 1950s, the world was changing. Our nation had endured a second world war, and the Korean War. In the south, life for some was a daily struggle. The racial divide widened, even under forced desegregation.

But in the small towns, neighbors took care of each other. Even those of different races. When someone was sick, their neighbors stopped in with food. If you were a farmer, they’d plow your fields or take care of your livestock until you were able to do it yourself.

I witnessed this firsthand, when my grandma had surgery. Her neighbor brought food and cleaned her house. This neighbor worked in the fields alongside my tenant-farmer grandparents. She had darker skin than my grandma. But her heart held the same faith.

Many of the scenes in Annabelle’s Joy could’ve happened on Grandma’s farm. They are scenes straight out of my childhood memories. The voices, lifted in song, echoing from the cotton fields as they worked, the long days spent canning beans, putting up enough so they could feed their own family, and have enough to give away to those who needed it.

Bodies bent over endless rows of cotton or beans, hands busily picking the harvest for very little pay. The hot summer sun beating down on straw hats and gingham bonnets. When I concentrate hard, I can still smell the dirt under my bare feet. The dirt I loved to play in while the grownups worked.

I close my eyes, and I’m there. Annabelle smiles as she sings. She wonders how folks make it through the troublesome times without knowing the Lord. Her life is so closely wrapped around her faith, she can’t see any other way.

I began the Kinsman Redeemer series with the book, Annabelle’s Ruth. I was inspired to write it after studying the book of Ruth in the Bible, so that first book follows a similar storyline. Annabelle is the Naomi character. Her daughter-in-law, Connie, is her Ruth. In the first book, the newly widowed women travel from San Diego to Annabelle’s birthplace in Trenton, Tennessee.

In book two, Sutter’s Landing, Annabelle and Connie prepare for the changes that are coming. In the final book, Annabelle overcomes the deep sorrow and learns to love again. Sometimes, joy is a choice we make.

Thank you for taking a few moments to read my post. I hope you’ll stop by the event page for more information about the book’s release, and to leave a comment or ask a question. You’ll be included in the drawing that will take place on August 15.

Most of all, I hope you will read the book and get to know Annabelle and Connie. And if you do, please consider leaving a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads.

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Pamela S.Thibodeaux Guest Blog

I will give away 1 audio copy.

Blurb: Rancher Craig Harris and veterinarian Tamera Collins clash from the moment they meet. Innocence is pitted against arrogance as tempers rise and passions ignite to form a love as pure as the finest gold, fresh from the crucible and as strong as steel. Thrown together amid tragedy and unsated passion, Tamera and Craig share a strong attraction that neither accepts as the first stages of love. Torn between desire and dislike, they must make peace with their pasts and God in order to open up to the love blossoming between them. It is a love that nothing can destroy when they come to understand that only when hearts are tempered, minds are opened and wills are softened can man discern the will of God for his life. Continue reading

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Hope you will welcome a new Cyber friend…Maria T. Henriksen

Maria T. Henriksen is not published yet, but I hope she will be soon! Please join me in meeting her below! I already found out we have a lot in common even though we don’t read or write the same kind of books!

Hi, I’m Maria T. Henriksen, a person of many passions. When I’m not working as a substitute teacher or hanging out with loved ones, chances are I am running, reading or writing.

I embarked on writing the great American novel about 10 years ago resulting in the birth of my very first novel called Not Again. My debut novel is Part 1 of the Not Again series. After finishing my rough draft, I put it on the proverbial shelf and dusted it off a couple years ago. I absolutely loved the writing process, including the revisions.

Continue reading

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