Rarity Mountain, A Guest Post by Sara Foust

When Faith Dwindles, a post about Rarity Mountain

by Sara L. Foust

Have you ever lost your faith in another human being? Or in all humans? Has your faith in God’s plan for your life ever dwindled? I have experienced both of these faith issues at different times in my life. I think it is safe to say, a lot of people have.

This life is hard. Some days are harder than others, but when someone we care about deeply hurts us, it challenges our faith in mankind and breaks our ability to trust others—sometimes long-term, sometimes only fleetingly. This is just the issue Dr. Fern Strongbow deals with in my newest release, Rarity Mountain. She fell in love at a young age and was hurt by the man she thought loved her too. So she has spent years being mistrustful of others and believing that it is inevitable people will hurt her.

Simon’s life was fairly average, albeit wild, when he was younger. Until there was an accident that sent him to prison. Having served his sentence, he is now looking for a fresh start but unable to find it in a small town where everyone knows everyone and those everyones keep looking at him like he has no potential left. His faith in God slowly dwindled until it landed in the very back of his mind.

Together they go on the adventure of a lifetime. And struggle to learn not only how to physically survive but how to begin to have faith in one another and, most importantly, in God. He is working in their stories to show them not just what they’ve lost but what He has planned for their futures.

In my life, I know when I am at my lowest, I can always       count on God to meet me there, hold out His loving hand, and take me to the next step in the journey. It isn’t always easy to find my faith renewed in people or in myself, but because God has faith in me, He helps me find mine again.

Has there ever been a time when God restored your faith, in mankind or in Him?

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