Review–Amanda Cabot’s In Firefly Valley

As you can tell by the cover picture for my blog, Facebook and Twitter pages, I love stories set in small towns with huge hearts, which is one of the reasons I love Amanda Cabot’s books. Dupree, Texas is the small town featured in this series, and while it has some of the problems sometimes found in small towns like a lack of job opportunities, it also shows the great qualities of small towns where everyone pitches in to solve problems and they look out for one another.  In Firefly Valley is the second book in her Texas Crossroad series. While the stories can stand alone, I suggest reading At Bluebonnet Lake first if you haven’t because the heroine of In Firefly Valley is the daughter of one of the main characters in the first book.

The second reason I love to read Amanda Cabot’s book is her characterization and descriptive skills. Although I have never visited the Hill Country of Texas, I feel like I have been there after reading her books! And her characters feel like neighbors down the street.

The most important reason I love reading Ms. Cabot’s books is that while we watch the characters go through several crises and trials, we can be assured that like God’s Word says things will work out better than we could have asked or imagined, because God is in the details. (Eph. 3: 20–my favorite verse!)

So if you are looking for a great small-town read with all the drama and twists and turns of life, plus a happy ending, then pick up this or any of Amanda Cabot’s books. You’ll be happy you did!

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