Review–At Bluebonnet Lake

Book Review–At Bluebonnet Lake by Amanda Cabot.

Hi everyone, hope you had a great Christmas and a good start to your new year.  I’ve read 7 books so far in January, and this one was the best so far this year! I’ve read and liked several of Amanda Cabot’s historical novels, but this is her first contemporary fiction, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

What’s not to enjoy–gorgeous descriptions of Texas scenery, well-drawn characters whom you’d love to have as friends, and a plot that culminates into something better than you could have dreamed!

The heroine Kate, and hero Greg, both have secrets in their past that don’t come out for quite a bit. Even after you can see them falling in love, you wonder if it will be enough to keep them together. And there is another romance in the story, too, like a bonus!

The book was lengthy, but after I got into it, I hated for it to end. I’m glad it is the first in a series called “Texas Crossroads.” I can’t wait for In Firefly Valley to be out this Spring so I can re-visit and catch up on some of my new friends!

This book was provided by the publisher for review purposes, but that fact did not influence my review–a truly delightful read!

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