Shakertown Visit with Ann H. Gabhart

In preparation for Ann H. Gabhart’s guest blog and giveaway next Monday I wanted to post some pics we took in June when our Book Club from Unity Christian Church took a guided tour with Ann. We have all read and loved many of her books, both those set in Shakertown and other places.

June 2014 bookclub

We were late arriving because the road out of Lexington to Harrodsburg was closed for repair, so we had to take the LOOOONG way around, but the trip was fun and well worth the extra drive!

June 2014 bookclubHope you enjoy the pictures, and hope you will stop by again next Monday, August 25th for Ann’s guest blog and giveaway!

We first ate lunch with Ann in the Shaker dining room. Ann and Jean Fowler ate the Shaker lemon pie. Ellen Whitaker and I shared a dessert. And Ellen Kipela was so sweet already she didn’t even order a dessert!

Then we took a pic of us all on the famous steps!


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  1. I had a great time with Rose and the others in her book club. I’ll have to include a “broom” picture when I do my guest post. I thought that was on the 25th, but maybe I got my Mondays mixed up. Did I, Rose?

    We all enjoyed walking the beautiful paths of Shaker Village here in KY. A lovely place to visit and an interesting place to plop down some characters to see what happens next.

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