In addition to the topics below, Rose is pleased to speak on a variety of others as determined by your group or organization. Feel free to contact her through the form below.

Creative Women: Based on the Scripture principle that we are made in the image of God, our Creator, Rose gives examples from her own life and other’s lives of how Christian women can awaken and employ the creativity within. This talk includes recipes, and creative ways to do everyday activities, such as how to recycle, pray, and make and preserve memories for your family.

Peace in the Storm: Based on the stories of Jesus calming the storm in Matthew 8 and 14 and Mark 4, and Luke 8, Rose tells how we can experience His peace through the storms if we will keep our eyes on Him and listen for His voice telling us “Peace! Be still!”

Summer Fun Ideas: A gaggle and a giggle of activities to help those with young children survive the lazy, crazy days of summer. Based on over thirty years in education and many years as a parent and grandparent, Rose gives suggestions that will help you share fun and educational times with your youngsters, times you will remember and cherish.

Staying Fit for Those You Love: Living an active, healthy lifestyle enables you to enjoy life to the fullest with your spouse, children, and someday, those loveable rambunctious grandkids. We also need to love ourselves as Scripture tells us in Matthew 19:19 and take good care of the bodies the Lord has given us, which shows honor and love to Him who made us.

Leaving a Legacy of Faith and Family: This is Rose’s motto for 2016, so when a group of church ladies asked her to speak, she came up with a talk on how important it is to live and share a life of faith with your family, and some how to’s to  make sure you are on the right track.