In the Superstition Mountains by Susan Page Davis–a Book Review

I had never heard of the Superstition Mountains until I read this book. The entire title is My Heart Belongs in the Superstition Mountains with the subtitle Carmela’s Quandary.

Carmela Wade is orphaned at twelve, and her life changes from a loving home and parents to life on the road with her uncle forcing her to tell a made-up story of her being captured by Indians to earn him money. Carmela comes to hate deceiving to people, but her uncle insists her dad owed him a huge sum of money, and now she has to pay it off.

Carmela is definitely in a quandary, and many terrible things continue to happen that seem to make her situation grow worse, but she needs to learn that God is in control, and He can work out what she sees as a hopeless life into a wonderful relationship with a special man and other friends.

If you like the Wild West (set right after the Civil War in 1866) and characters who change as God enters their lives, you will love My Heart Belongs in the Superstition Mountains.

Bio: Susan Page Davis is a best-selling author who has written many novels set in the west. She and her husband live in western Kentucky.

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