Surrender to Peace–my latest book, set in Puerto Rico

Surrender to PeaceAlthough this is not my husband and me walking on the beach in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, it does depict my characters Joy and Benigno holding hands on one of their romantic walks there. Isn’t this cover for Surrender to Peace beautiful!? Romantic and tropical is just what I wanted it to convey! This story came out on kindle last year, but Olivia Kimbrell Press has now released it in print and in Nook and other ebook versions. I love my new cover by Amanda Smith of Amanda Gail Studio.

Surrender to Peace is a story about surrendering to God and listening to Him speak. It is set in Puerto Rico, so the next few weeks I will be posting on my Tuesday Travels, Puerto Rican scenes from the research trip my husband and I made there last summer. If you want to travel to Puerto Rico, even vicariously, I hope you’ll drop by!


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