The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp, a Bible study review

Although it sounds painful, The Broken Way is a great way to be! It seems like I have spent more time in Bible studies than on fiction lately which is a good habit to  have! So, today I am reviewing the latest Bible study I am in with only one week left to go. It is so amazing and life-changing, it is hard to put into words, but I will try.

Although I had read and shared and given away copies to friends of Ann’s first book, One Thousand Gifts, I just studied it on my own and have continued to write down over 5000 things I am thankful for in my prayer journals over the years. I would still recommend the study if you haven’t done the first book.

The Broken Way ‘s tagline is “a daring path into the abundant life.” I agree, it is very daring of Ann to share the things she does in this book and to propose some of the things she suggests for her readers to do. It is the story of her personal journey closer to the heart of God, and I don’t see how anyone could do this study without being changed.

There is a book (kindle or print) that you read 2-3 chapters in per week, videos by Ann each week, and a workbook to help you do your own further study into how all of this impacts you, the reader. I am doing the online version, but your leader or a church could purchase the kit of the videos, and all each person would need to get would be the book and workbook.

Ann’s videos are very short (15-20 min. each), but the discussion questions and workbook questions as well as reading part of the book chapters each day took me over an hour most days, but still well worth it.

To whet your appetite, I will list the titles of the 6 chapters:

How do we live this one broken life?

  1. Living Cruciform
  2. Learning to receive
  3. Real koinonia
  4. Embracing inconvenience
  5. Who we serve

Check out The Broken Way for a free sample chapter and many other helps,  a short video by Ann, and many printables to share.

Hope you will join Ann, and me, and many others in pursuing The Broken Way. It could change the world! And, go to to read her almost daily blog or sign up for it. She is also on Facebook and Twitter


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