The Iron Saint, Take Two, and 2 giveaways

Sorry that part of this is a re-run because after I did my first take on this book, my 10 year old computer stopped working.  So I had to go to Apple and buy another one.  And I finally got it up and running last night with the help of my 2 kids who use Macs!


A Very Important Book for All on Earth to be Ready for Jesus’s Soon Return and a 2 Book Giveaway!!!

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This author MaryAnn Diorio has been a friend of mine for over 20 years when we both joined American Christian Fiction Writers. The author feels the same way that I do that many signs are pointing to Jesus’ coming back soon. So she has written this book to remind all people to keep looking up and be ready for His return before it is too late.

When I told MaryAnn I planned to give away a paperback edition of her book, she said she would add an e-book of the same title, so everyone has two chances to win one or the other. Please make sure you specify which form you prefer when you comment to be in the drawing.. Since I have had computer difficulties, I am changing our giveaway to July 26, to give as many as can to read about and see if they want this great book! So please leave your info so we can contact you!

This short book of almost 70 pages is broken up into three parts:
1. Building Spiritual Strength
2. Fueling Spiritual Strength
3. Transitioning from Glory to GLORY

If you have ever trained for a sports event or even for an important test, you want to be in the best shape possible, and this is what these 10 short chapters can help you do. The author packs her chapters for spiritual things we need to learn and do before Jesus’s return. I hope this book will inspire all of us to get ready for His Coming.

In closing I want to share with everyone an old hymn I love and hope you do too:

“Jesus is our loving Shepherd, And He is a faithful guide:
He is coming back from Heaven, For the church of Christ His bride.

We are watching now and waiting, For the coming of our Lord.
He is coming for His loved ones, As He promised in His Word.

YES, He’s coming back from glory, Coming to this world again:
He will gather up His jewels, Safely kept in His own Name.”

Chorus: “He Has promised all the faithful that He’ll come to earth again:
And to glory will receive them, Ever more with Him to reign.”

by Mrs. W. S. Stroud & Flavil Hall

Don’t forget to comment with your name and email address and let me know which book format you want if you are selected as a winner!  I plan to post winners on July 27th.


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  1. Thank you, Rose, for featuring THE IRON SAINT. I am most grateful. Blessings to you!

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