Travelogue interrupted for a story by my granddaughter, Danielle

This story was written by my now 11 year old granddaughter when she was only nine. Shows a lot of imagination! Enjoy!

Legends of the Cloudy Mountains

Book One—The Beginning of the Sky

Chapter One

Once upon a time, long, long ago, when heaven was made, there was a big chaos going on in heaven. God wanted His people to be protected, so He made another heaven in the clouds above earth. This heaven was called Persulia.

And God passed down the word, “If anyone can find one child and any of his friends to come to Persulia to save the universe, they will be the new rulers of the whole kingdom.

Many years had passed when a girl named Ella and her four friends, Katie, Susan, Jima, and Carly, had a sleepover at Ella’s house. That night they built a tent in Ella’s room.

Ella was just sitting there. Susan was talking about new shoes at the mall. Jima was telling them about a cool restaurant. Carly was listening to them. Then Katie began to talk about a world in the sky that whoever saved the universe would be the new rulers of that world.

“But that is just a fantasy,” said Katie.

Then Ella spoke out and said, “I believe.”

Ten minutes later, a flashing light from the sky showed up. The friends looked out the window to see it.

“It’s a shooting star,” said Katie.

“No, it’s a plane,” said Susan.

“Don’t be silly. A plane cannot catch on fire,” said Jima.

While Ella’s friends were talking about the light in the sky, Ella was shocked as she saw it heading toward her mother’s garden. Then, she ran down the steps, grabbed her robe, put on her slippers, got a flashlight, and went outside.

She ran as fast as she could straight through the garden and got to the other side. Then the lights hit the ground. (Kaboom!)

Then Ella found a hole where the lights hit. She saw a paper in the hole that said, PLEASE SAVE OUR WORLD. SIGN HERE.

Ella signed it. Then the paper disappeared.

Katie ran outside to get Ella. She said, “Your mom wants you back inside.”

So Ella went back inside. They all went to sleep.

Then the next morning it was time for school.

Chapter Two

Ella woke up first and she saw an old man in her room. He was shorter than Katie.

The man said, “You are the chosen one. Come with me.”

“I’m sorry, but are you lost?” said Ella.

“No, I am not. You need to come with me to Persulia.”

“No, I can not. I am going to school today so please leave.”

He pounded his cane on the floor. “But you were chosen.”

But I am chosen to go to school.”

Then the man disappeared, and Ella’s friends woke up and got ready for school.

Ella got her lunch and backpack and arrived at the bus before the others so the man would not meet her in her front yard. Then the others got there and wondered what was going on with Ella.

As the got on the bus, the busdriver saw something rumbling in Ella’s backpack. The backpack opened, and the old man popped out and said, “My name is Mr. Burns. I need to take you to Persulia. Now come with me.”

But Ella shook her head and said, “Be gone, little man. I’ve got school.” Mr. Burns disappeared into her backpack.

So the bus arrived at the school, and all the students got off the bus.

When Ella got to the classroom, the teacher passed out a test. Then Ella crumpled it and threw it behind her back. So, the teacher gave her another one. Ella did the same thing.

“What is wrong with you?” said the teacher.

Ella spoke in a weird voice. “Citizens of Virginia, I came here to announce for Ella Clartburn to come with me to Persulia to reveal her destiny.”

The class stared at her with eyes popped open and their mouths hanging down. Next, they saw Ella slapping herself. Then she did it again.

Ella floated up in the air and hit the ceiling and flapped all around with twists and turns. Then she grabbed the flagpole and flopped up and down.

As she was doing that, the teacher hollered, “Come down, Ella.”

Ella’s face was turning green. She said, “I’m getting sick.” Then she bonked her head on the board and fell down. She looked at her backpack and saw Mr. Burns waving a wand around. She got so mad that she went to the back of the room and zipped the backpack closed.

Mr. Burns cried out, “Come to Persulia.”

Ella said, “What is Persulia? Some sort of vacation island?”

Nothing else happened the rest of the day. After school, Ella was walking toward her mom’s car and she saw rainbow stairs heading toward the clouds. “I’ve had enough of this. Just get away from me,” said Ella.

“Not until you say yes,” said Mr. Burns.

Ella closed her mouth, popped her cheeks and closed her eyes. Then she said, “YES!”

So Mr. Burns disappeared to somewhere, but she didn’t know where.

To be continued…

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  1. karenk says:

    what a sweet story…thanks for sharing :)

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