Tuesday Travelogue–Day 3 in Nova Scotia

On Friday, July 20th we started out at the Fox Hill Cheese House, another family owned business where we learned the cheese making process and got to sample many kinds of cheese, plus delicious ice cream!

Then we travelled to Hall’s Harbour Lobster Pond and Restaurant where most of the group had a gigantic lobster dinner. And we learned how to tell the sex of a lobster and got to see this gigantic (and ancient) lobster.

Next we toured the Sainte-Famille Winery and sampled several varieties, although as usual, I could not stand the taste of any of them!

Our last stop that day was the Mount Uniacke Estate, a beautiful country estate built between 1813-1815 that gave us an idea of the life of the gentry in those days. The grounds were beautiful and green.

I don’t have any other pictures from those sites, so thought I would share this one I took at a gas station we passed. It looked cheaper than back home at first, but since this is $1.32 a liter, that translates into about $5.00 a gallon in the US.

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