Tuesday Travelogue–Day 4 in Nova Scotia

We started out our day at the Linsmore Sheep Farm and Wool Shop in River John. Very interesting, and we ladies got to purchase many warm, handmade gifts in the shop. I bought a lovely shawl for myself and for my husband a stadium seat to use when he sits on bleachers at soccer games. Then we spent the rest of the day in the Pictou area, starting out at the Northumberland Fisheries Museum where we saw this very rare blue lobster–some say 1 in 2-3,000,000 million!

For lunch my husband and I decided to eat at a Thai Restaurant we saw along the street.–we love Cashew Chicken Stir Fry! While being served, my husband heard someone speaking Thai (he served two tours in Thailand during the Viet Nam War era), so he asked the waitress to go back and tell the person “Sa wa de cu!” (which means hello, good day, etc.) Soon we heard this loud talking behind the door, and the waitress came back out front and said one of the Thai women wanted to meet the one who spoke her language. So she did and we took this picture with her–a very international experience to meet someone from Thailand while we were visiting Nova Scotia!

We also took this picture of the Thai restaurant while across the street from it while touring the Hector Quay (pronounced “key”). The Hector Quay was a replica of the boats those from England crossed the Atlantic Ocean on. It seemed very small and cramped quarters for those who took from 7-10 weeks to make the crossing.

Then we had a long trip to Cheticamp where we will take up next time!

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