Tuesday Travelogue–Puerto Rico part 6, Coquis

FullSizeRender(28)In Surrender to Peace, one of my character Joy Worth’s favorite things to do in Puerto Rico is to walk around the rainforest after sundown and hear the Coquis serenading her with their “Ko-kee, ko-kee.” We did hear the Coquis sing a couple of times, but never got to see them, so I bought this postcard to share a picture and some facts with you.

The back of the card said that although Coqui frogs exist all over the Caribbean, only the ones in Puerto Rico sing “ko-kee, ko-kee” when the sun goes down. The coqui are about an inch long with yellowish brown skin. As you can see in the picture (taken by Wilma Perez), their vocal sacs, when inflated, take up much of their girth.

A couple of other interesting facts I didn’t know before were that they have five toes on their back feet, but only four toes in the front, and unlike all other frogs who go through the tadpole stage, coquis hatch from their eggs, fully formed. Very interesting!

Hope you enjoyed learning more about another of God’s gorgeous creatures. Please return next week to read another Tuesday Travelogue about our final full day in Puerto Rico and our adventure getting to church.

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  1. HeyLo says:

    Cool frogs!

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