Tuesday Travels–K-Love Cruise 2016

FullSizeRender 2My husband Chester listens to K-Love radio all the time and had mentioned the cruise before, but we had never talked about going on one until our friends Kim and Don Sawyer visited a couple years ago and mentioned how much they loved them then told us we should join them sometime. The picture to the left shows Kim and me—two happy ladies waiting to board the ship.

This year, through some special God-incidents, we were able to go and enjoy the cruise in adjoining cabins. In fact, Chester or Don would usually go out and knock on the panel between our adjoining patios and holler something like “You all ready to go eat?” Here are some shots taken from the deck.

Chester looking at the water rushing by. One night there was a full moon, and I took a picture of the moonlight on the rippling water.

That afternoon I was able to connect with one of my readers who had enjoyed my Surrender to Peace novel set in Puerto Rico. When we found out we were going on the same cruise, we knew we had to meet. Big shout-out to Paula Young!

We were excited to go to the concert the first night because Matthew West is one of Kim’s favorite Christian artists. The second night we even got a pic with him. And there you have the morning and evening of the first day of our K-Love Cruise. Check back next Tuesday for more pics and info.

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  1. Paula says:

    Enjoyed reading your book and cruising in the Carribean with you and Klove!

  2. Same here, Paula. Loved meeting you in person, and finding out that we have Patsy and Ray Graham also as friends in common. Hope to see you again.

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