Tuesday Travels A Life-changing Day in Jamaica

Hi Friends! Glad to catch IMG_0755you up on a few places where we have already travelled in 2016. On January 24th, we flew to Miami FL where we boarded the 2016 K-Love cruise. I will show you more of the actual cruise in the coming weeks, but want to start off with one of the highlights of our trip—an opportunity for a one day mission excursion to West Haven Children’s Home outside of Kingston, Jamaica.Chester and I along with twenty others took a 40 minute bus ride, starting out on the highway, then turned off to a smaller paved road which after several twists and turns led us to to a rutted road of broken blacktop and gravel out in the countryside.

IMG_0108Here we are along with one of the students at the home who joined us for the picture. This was a great group to go with, and everyone loved on the kids as much as the kids loved on us! The lady in charge told us the “kids” ranged from young to forty-ish. Many of them were abandoned because of their disabilities, but some of them have parents or grandparents who visit.

As you can see from this next picture of the campus, the buildings were painted in cheerful colors and educational pictures. Some of the structures bore Bible verses on the outside, too. Several of the students were in wheelchairs, and we took turns pushing them. In this picture below, my husband is on the right pushing one of the girls in her chair. Hope you will return next Tuesday for more photos and activities from this one-day mission trip.

I know this was a life-changing trip for me and many of the others from the cruise, and I hope we helped make the students’ lives there a little better. The administrator of the home was so surprised to find out we were spending our one day on Jamaica at West Haven Home loving on her kids!


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