Tuesday Travels–Another Look at Jamaican Mission Trip

FullSizeRenderI wanted to share a few more pictures of the kids and buildings at West Haven Children’s Home in Jamaica. Here is one of the roads we traveled down to arrive at the Orphanage.

This place is truly an oasis in a poor country, but one which is rich in greenery and the love of the people like the ones we met. I hate to think where some of these children would have been without the care they receive at West Haven—and the spiritual teaching they also receive there. Those of us who visited were blessed spiritually as well. Most of the children sang along with the Bible songs tape and other Christian music. One sweet girl even prayed for some of us! I hope these snapshots and smiles and joy on their faces encourage you to do a mission trip of your own someday soon!

PS: Some of these photos are from my phone, and some are from others on the trip, so if anyone does not want me to use your picture, please send me a message thru this blog and I will take it down. I just didn’t know how to contact many of you.

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