Wishing everyone a Blessed Holy Week!

I have already posted the two graphics below for this Blessed Holy Week on Facebook, and wanted everyone to know to look for others like them each day this week through Easter. I know sometimes I only get on Facebook a couple times a day, so miss something unless I know it is coming and can look for it.

Using various translations of the Bible, a copy of Handel’s The Messiah, and other church songbooks, I have tried to follow Jesus through the week up to and including His death and Resurrection. So, I hope you will stop by my FB page or author page if you want to join us on this journey. The wonderful graphics are all by Sherri Wilson Johnson who is a friend and freelance assistant available to help you do those things you don’t have time to do, or if you are techno-challenged like I am! Her site with a list of possible jobs she is willing to do is below.

She is wonderful to work with, and the graphics turned out even better than I had hoped! https://sherriwilsonjohnson.com/virtual-assistant-services/

So, please join us as we travel down the road Jesus walked before He died, and be blessed.


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