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Thanks to my friend MaryAnn Diorio at I have been nominated for another blog award–The Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award. This reminds me of that movie Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants!

My part is to answer the ten questions below then send 10 questions to ten other authors, so here are my answers to MaryAnn’s:

1) Why do you write? I want to show God’s love and mercy and grace in real-life situations.

2) What single most important thing do you hope your readers will take away from your writing? That God is in control.

3) What is the first adjective that comes to your mind to describe your writing? Sweet (with a little zest!)

4) What, in your opinion, is our culture’s most urgent need? To know God–more and more of Him each day.

5) If you could start over again as a writer, what would you do differently? I would not rush to become published, but would concentrate more on learning the craft of writing. What would you do the same? Keep writing for Him.

6) What is your greatest accomplishment as a writer? Drawing closer to God myself, and I hope that shows in my writing.

7) Who has most influenced your writing? There are too many to just name one, so I will send a shout-out to all those in ACFW. I really don’t think I would be pubbed if I hadn’t joined American Christian Fiction Writers and been exposed to so many more authors and genres than I knew existed!

8) Where do you see the publishing industry headed in the next five years? Only God knows, but right now, the indie market and e-books seem to be growing faster every day.

9) What is the role of the writer who follows Christ? To pray and seek His face and His leading in what to write, and to be faithful and persistent.

10) What do you love most about the writing life? It makes me depend more on Christ, for I know I can’t do this by myself, but need Him with me all the way!

Hope every enjoys learning more about me and these other authors by checking out their blogs, too

Now for the ten authors I wish to nominate for this award:

Jackie Layton at

Jennifer Johnson

Hallee Bridgeman

Ralene Burke

Harriet Michael

Karen Hensley Richardson

Monica Smallwood Mynk

JoAnn Durgin

Betty Thomason Owens

Debbonnaire Montgomery Kovacs at

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